1 Oz Halloween Makeup Liquid Latex for Adult and Kids


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  • Realistic Appearance. Our Stage Fake Blood Washable offers a realistic appearance that enhances the authenticity of your Halloween makeup. The blood replicates the texture, color, and consistency of real blood, adding a gruesome touch to your cosplay or special effects.
  • Professional Formula. Our stage fake blood focuses on real effects and safety, and is a trustworthy choice for users. Its professional-grade formula guarantees a convincing, eye-catching look that enhances the overall look of your Halloween cosplay or special effects.
  • Easy To Use. For a scar or wrinkle effect, apply a thin layer of liquid latex and finish easily with a dusting of powder in between. Layering liquid latex with cotton or paper can achieve a textured yet rotting look, and with makeup tools to color the wound, a zombie image is easily created. A patch test is recommended before use.
  • Easy To Remove. Easy to remove. To remove liquid latex, use makeup remover or warm water to soften edges, avoid contact with hair and clothing, then rub with soap and water to removal easily.
  • Wide Application. Our Halloween fake blood latex is perfect for various Halloween-inspired looks, such as a vampire, zombie, ghost, or monster, this makeup liquid latex adds the perfect finishing touch to your halloween costume. It is also ideal for theatrical performances, film productions, haunted houses, and other creative events.
  • To achieve 3D effects and textures, mix liquid latex with tissue-based materials, apply to skin and let it dry. Build up in thin layers for scars or wrinkles. Avoid contact with hair and clothes.Use warm water to soften the edges of the latex before peeling it off the skin, followed by soap and water.
  • Item Number:21382