1 Oz Halloween White Makeup Liquid Latex for Adult and Kids-White


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  • Fast-Drying Formula: Our Liquid Latex features a fast-drying formula, allowing you to save time during your makeup application. It dries quickly to create a durable and long-lasting film, so you can enjoy your Halloween event or performance without worrying about smudging or fading. Whether you're transforming into a ghostly creature or adding intricate details to your costume, this liquid latex delivers impressive results.
  • Easy To Remove: The entire film of our Liquid Latex can be easily torn off, making cleanup a breeze. After your Halloween event or performance, simply peel off the latex without leaving residue on your skin. Enjoy a hassle-free experience when it comes to removing your makeup.
  • Vibrant White Color: Our Liquid Latex in white color provides a bright and vibrant base for your makeup creations. It allows you to achieve a stark contrast and create visually striking effects, making it ideal for creating ghostly or supernatural characters.. It enhances your special effects makeup by creating a white base for your creations, ensuring they look professional and captivating.
  • Halloween Makeup Versatility: Our Liquid Latex is specifically designed for Halloween makeup. Use it to enhance your Halloween costumes, create realistic ghostly effects, or add unique textures to your face and body makeup. Let your imagination achieve the perfect Halloween look.Perfect for face paint makeup in stage performances, film productions, and cosplay events, our Liquid Latex offers limitless creative possibilities.
  • Convenient Size: With a 1 oz quantity, our Halloween Makeup Liquid Latex is compact and easy to carry. It provides enough product for multiple applications, allowing you to explore various makeup designs and experiment with different looks.Our Liquid Latex offers long-lasting performance, allowing your makeup to stay intact throughout your Halloween festivities.
  • To achieve 3D effects and textures, mix liquid latex with tissue-based materials, apply to skin and let it dry. Build up in thin layers for scars or wrinkles. Avoid contact with hair and clothes. Use warm water to soften the edges of the latex before peeling it off the skin, followed by soap and water.
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