4.5 Oz Halloween White Liquid Latex for Adult and Kids-White


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  • Fast Film Formation: Our Halloween White Color Makeup Liquid Latex features a fast-drying formula that quickly forms a durable film. This allows you to bring your creative makeup ideas to life in no time. Whether you're designing intricate prosthetics or adding unique effects to your costume, this liquid latex delivers impressive results.
  • Easy To Remove: The entire film of our Liquid Latex can be easily torn off, providing a hassle-free cleanup process. Enjoy a quick and convenient removal experience without leaving residue on your skin. Say goodbye to tedious makeup removal routines and spend more time enjoying your Halloween festivities.
  • White Fake Skin Effect: Crafted from high-quality materials, our Halloween Makeup Liquid Latex in white color replicates the appearance of fake skin. It offers a smooth and seamless blend, allowing you to create stunning special effects makeup. Achieve ghostly characters, imaginative creatures, or haunting designs with ease.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for face paint makeup in stage performances, film productions, and cosplay events, our Liquid Latex offers limitless possibilities. Use it to create scars, wounds, aged effects, or any other creative makeup look. Unleash your imagination and transform into captivating characters.
  • Generous Product Size: With a 4.5 oz quantity, our Halloween Makeup Liquid Latex provides an ample amount of product for multiple applications. This allows you to experiment with various makeup designs, perfect your look, and enjoy extended use throughout the Halloween season.The white color of our Liquid Latex allows for easy blending and layering. You can create various shades and tones by mixing it with other makeup products.
  • To achieve 3D effects and textures, mix liquid latex with tissue-based materials, apply to skin and let it dry. Build up in thin layers for scars or wrinkles. Avoid contact with hair and clothes. Use warm water to soften the edges of the latex before peeling it off the skin, followed by soap and water.
  • Item Number:21385