8.45 oz Latex with 8.45 oz Blood and 1.5 oz Wax Cosplay Makeup


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• COMPREHENSIVE SET. 8.45 oz Liquid Latex, 8.45 oz Fake Blood, 1.76 oz Wax. All-natural latex made from the rubber tree; cruelty-free. Use as adhesive. Use our wax to block out eyebrows or create injuries, knife cuts, gunshot wounds, bruises, burns, and broken limbs. Our fake blood features an incredibly vibrant blood red color that looks and flows like the real thing.

• EASY TO USE. Use our liquid latex with cotton and tissue paper to build up wounded effects. It dries fast and can be easily shaped and peel off after it is dry. Or easily use our moldable yet firm wax to create a variety of molded shapes for character makeup. At last, pour the fake blood on your skin. It will cover a good range and looks like real blood.

• Item number: 20444