Halloween Makeup Kit for Adult and Kids, 5 Colors Bruise Makeup Palette


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  • Quantity: This kit offers generous quantities of key components. You'll receive 2 oz of skin wax, 1 spatula, 1 oz of fake blood, 1 oz of clotted blood, 0.25 oz of spray, 2 porous sponges, 3 triangular sponges, and a 6-color palette (red, white, black, green, purple, and blue). Ample supply ensures multiple applications and creative possibilities.
  • Suitable For Body And Face: This versatile kit is suitable for both body and face applications. Whether you want to create realistic wounds on your arms or transform your face into a spooky character, this kit offers the flexibility to bring your Halloween vision to life.The products are long-lasting, ensuring that your Halloween makeup stays intact throughout your festivities.
  • Palette, Liquid Latex, Blood Gel, Stage Blood & Stage Blood Spray: Use warm water to soften the edges of the latex before peeling it off the skin. Remove all makeup residue by wiping it off. Wash with a makeup remover, followed by soap and warm water.
  • Easy Application: The kit includes a variety of sponges and a spatula to facilitate easy and precise application of the materials. The porous sponges are ideal for blending and stippling, while the spatula allows for smooth and controlled application of the skin wax and fake blood.
  • Halloween Makeup Kit: Our Halloween Makeup Kit is thoughtfully designed to meet your makeup needs. With a comprehensive range of materials and tools, including skin wax for creating wounds and scars, fake blood for gory effects, and a versatile color palette, this kit offers versatility and convenience for your Halloween makeup endeavors.
  • Item Number: 21369