Halloween Scarecrow Costume Set Include Hat and Skirt


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strawPerfect Prop. Each purchase includes a Halloween Straw Scarecrow Costume Set containing 6 pcs. The Set features a Neck Straw, 2 Foot Straws, 2 Hand Straws, and a Hat. With these components, you'll have everything you need to complete your scarecrow ensemble.Unique Design. The scarecrow costume set is designed to replicate the traditional look of a scarecrow, featuring straw elements that add an authentic touch to your costume. The Neck Straw, Foot Straws, and Hand Straws provide the classic straw-filled appearance that embodies the spirit of the harvest season.Suitable Size. Whether you're an adult or a child, the Halloween Straw Scarecrow Costume set is suitable for all ages. It offers a fun and whimsical option for both individuals and families looking to embrace the charm of scarecrows during the Halloween season.Premium Quality. Made from high-quality materials, the straw components of this costume set are durable and built to last. You can reuse them for multiple Halloween seasons or other harvest-themed events, making it a great costume that can be enjoyed year after year.Wide Application. This scarecrow costume set is suitable for various occasions. Whether you're attending a Halloween party, participating in a costume contest, or decorating for a fall festival, these straw accessories will elevate your scarecrow character and enhance the festive atmosphere. Get ready to become the most captivating scarecrow with this must-have costume set!Item Number:21446