Halloween Wax Coagulated Blood Set for Adult and Kids


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  • Quantity: The Halloween Wax & Coagulated Blood Set features two distinctive designs to cater to your creative needs. You'll receive 2.5oz of skin wax, 1 spatula for easy application, 2.5oz of blood, and a sponge with holes. With this set, you have enough materials to create stunning Halloween makeup looks.
  • Docile And Sticky Skin: The skin wax included in this set exhibits a docile and malleable texture, allowing you to shape it easily into desired forms. The wax also features a sticky property, enabling better adherence to the skin for a realistic effect. Combined with the blood, these materials work together to create chilling and convincing makeup looks.
  • Versatile Applications: This set is suitable for various Halloween-inspired makeup looks, including zombies, vampires. Whether you're attending a costume party or creating spine-chilling characters for a haunted house, the Halloween Wax & Coagulated Blood Set allows you to achieve professional-looking results.
  • Realistic And Long-Lasting Effects: The skin wax included in this set is ideal for creating realistic wounds and injuries. Its moldable nature allows you to shape it to resemble cuts, bruises, or scars, adding depth and authenticity to your Halloween makeup. Let your creativity and craft captivating makeup designs.
  • Material: Our Halloween Wax & Coagulated Blood Set combines high-quality skin wax and blood for creating realistic and chilling effects. This set provides you with the essential materials to bring your Halloween characters to life.Once applied, the wax and blood retain their realistic appearance throughout your Halloween celebrations, ensuring that your makeup looks stay intact and impressive.
  • Blood£ºRemove all makeup residue. Wash off with a cleaner, followed by soap and warm water; Skin wax£ºRemove all makeup residue by wiping it off. Wash with a makeup remover, followed by soap and warm water.
  • Item Number:21370