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  • Perfect Outfit. Our Halloween Gold Vintage Egyptian Cane comes in a classic design and measures long inches in length, providing a great opportunity to add some extra flair to your outfit! With its iconic design, this cane adds an authentic vibe to your Egyptian-inspired outfits.
  • Unique Design. Made from sturdy plastic, lightweight but strong and durable. The Egyptian Staff Costume Accessory features a striking gold color, symbolizing wealth, power, and royalty. Its radiant appearance captures the essence of ancient Egypt, making it a standout piece for your Halloween costume.
  • Realistic Effect. The cane prop has a long length to add a dramatic effect to your overall look. It stands out for its impressive appearance, and its authenticity further enhanced by the hieroglyphic Egyptian symbols on top.
  • Premium Quality. Our gold walking cane is made with high-quality materials, durable and easy to store, making it a great addition to your Halloween costume collection that you can use year after year.
  • Wide Application. Our Egyptian Staff Costume Accessory is not only a crucial component of your costume but also serves as a captivating Halloween decoration. It¡¯s ideal for costume parties, dance parties, and provides an excellent photo prop to capture memorable moments.
  • Item Number: 21393