Witch Fake Nose Costume Accessories


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  • Perfect Prop. This Witch Costume Nose is the perfect finishing touch for your witch costume. Its realistic appearance and lifelike details bring authenticity to your character. Whether you're portraying a classic witch or a modern sorceress, this nose adds an extra dose of wickedness to your ensemble.
  • Unique Design. Our Witch Costume Nose is made from durable and flexible silicone. This ensures a comfortable fit and long-lasting use. With this nose, you'll have the perfect accessory to complete your witchy look.
  • Easy To Use. This silicone nose features a comfortable and secure fit. It easily attaches to your face with adhesive (not included) and can be removed without leaving residue. Its lightweight design ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable wearing experience.
  • Premium Quality. The nose is crafted from premium silicone, ensuring durability, flexibility, and a lifelike feel. It is soft and comfortable to wear, allowing you to immerse yourself in your witch persona without any discomfort. Meet US Toy Standard. Safety Test Approved. Passed US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Paraben-Free.
  • Wide Application. Embrace the mystique and allure of witches with the Witch Costume Nose. It sparks imagination, encourages role-playing, and adds magic to your Halloween or cosplay experience. Unleash your inner sorceress and cast a spell of intrigue on those around you. With this Witch Costume Nose, your witch cosplay will stand out from the crowd.
  • Item Number:21441