Halloween Fake Blood, 1 oz Faux Blood Makeup


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  • Realistic Appearance. Our Stage Fake Blood offers a realistic appearance that enhances the authenticity of your Halloween makeup. The blood replicates the texture, color, and consistency of blood, adding a gruesome touch to your cosplay or special effects. Each set includes 1 bottles of 1 oz stage blood, making it easy to keep on hand at your Halloween costume parties.
  • Professional Formula. Our Halloween blood focuses on effects and safety, and is a trustworthy choice for users. Its professional-grade formula guarantees a convincing, eye-catching look that enhances the overall look of your Halloween cosplay or special effects.
  • Easy To Use. The convenient bottle cap is combined with a soft brush head, which can be easily dipped in the fake blood and applied easily. Elevate your special effects with our Halloween fake bllood. Achieve realistic blood splatters, wounds, or other gory marks that will impress your friends.
  • Premium Quality. Enjoy the convenience of easy removal with our washable stage blood. It washes off easily with soap and water, ensuring a hassle-free cleanup. Additionally, our product is non-toxic, making it suitable for use on the skin without causing harm or irritation. Non-Toxic. Meet US Toy Standard. Safety Test Approved.
  • Wide Application. Our Halloween fake blood latex is perfect for various Halloween-inspired looks, such as a vampire, zombie, ghost, or monster, this makeup fake blood adds the perfect point to your halloween costume. It is also ideal for theatrical performances, film productions, haunted houses, and other creative events.
  • Item Number:21378